Long Eyelashes


​​LashDollzUK is an Eyelash Extension specialist that offers a premium service in Eyelash Extension maintenance services. With over 9 years of experience in applying for eyelash extensions, providing long-lasting treatments, consistently using reliable, innovative products and methods to deliver this premium service.

Luxury Classic extensions, Hybrid extensions, Russian Volume Extensions, Mega Volume, Infills services are what LashDollzUK solely focuses on. 

All our products are well-sourced, highly reliable, cruelty and Latex-free, and Vegan friendly. Our adhesive bonds deliver high retention and all our eyelash materials can sustain pressure from within different lifestyle demands.
All our adhesives and products used throughout can be used on sensitive skins as we have sourced and ensured they are compatible with all skin types in mind. We will be made aware when having your eyelash consultation. Width, length, shape, and amount are all determined by the client individual's natural lashes and lash lines. 


Perfect for someone who wants to brighten their smile.



To begin the process you will then start by giving the teeth a gentle scrub to remove top layer stains. You will then wipe your teeth with a special spray that will activate the whitening gel. A gum shield will be given to you to place in your mouth. Then lay back and let our powerful light work its magic.


The whitening gels active ingredient is bicarbonate of soda and doesn’t contain any hydrogen peroxide, which is perfect for sensitive teeth. The gel plus the powerful LED light creates fantastic results.

The session takes around 1hour and 15minutes, in time I guarantee a lift of 8 shades however most clients achieve 10-18 shades.

The results can last 6-12 months but this depends on lifestyle and diet.

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